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Youth Bags 2020 - 2021

Youth Bags

For our newer members, every second year we make up 50 cotton bags of items we hope are useful to disadvantaged youth in our community.  Early in December 2021 we will fill them and deliver them to Chilliwack Community Services Youth Services and the Cyrus Centre. The bags are approximately 16 inches by 18 inches with a drawstring fastening. The numbers in the chart to the side indicates what we hope to collect over the year. Below is a toque pattern if you are a knitter and would like to help out..





Either Sex




16 (50)

Small shampoo



44 (50)

Small conditioner



16 (50)

Body lotion

15 (25)




8 (25)



Soaps/body wash



27 (50)


13 (25)










5 (50)




5 (50)




4 (50)








26 (50)

Sanitary products




Note books








Handbag size tissues





Toque Pattern


Gauge 24 – 28 stitches K2 P2 = 4 inches/10 cm (4.5 needles worked for me) 

Loosely cast on 96 stitches. Join work, place marker, and work in K2 P2 rib until work measures
9.5 inches / 24 cm. 

Shape crown:(Here you begin a series of decrease rounds. When you find the hat getting too small to work on the circular needle, switch to double pointed needles.) 

Round 1: K2, P2tog to end of round. 72 stitches remain. 

Round 2: K2 P1

Round 3: K2tog, P1 to end of round. 48 stitches remain. 

Round 4: K1, P1 

Round 5: K2tog to end of round. 24 stitches remain. 

Round 6: Knit

Round 7: K2tog to end of round. 12 stitches remain. 

Round 8: Knit

Round 9: K2tog to end of round. 6 stitches remain. 

Break yarn, leaving a 6-inch / 15 cm. length. With a tapestry needle, thread the yarn through the remaining 6 stitches and pull tight. Weave in the ends and admire your work! 

Pattern by Channah Koppel on Ravelry 

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