Wheelchair quilt instructions.

1. Make a quilt top 34 - 37" wide and 42 - 46" long.  36" x 45" is the best size.

2. Try to use bright colours.

3. Limit the use of white, as it is harder to remove stains when washing.

4. 9" quilt blocks without sashing work well for a 4 x 5 layout

5. When the top is done, measure up form the bottom edge 9" and across from the bottom edge 9".  Make a diagonal cut removing the corners (see the image provided to the left).

6. Back the quilt with flannel, fleece or fireside.  This helps to prevent the quilt from falling off the person in the wheelchair.

7. Quilt fairly densely as these will be washed in a commercial washer often.

8. Attach a binding by machine is prefered so it will uphold many washings.

Wheelchair Quilt

What to make something new for We Care?  Try a wheelchair quilt.  Follow the instructions below.

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