Toonie Sew Day



Saturday, November 2 at the Community of Christ Church is where all the fun took place.  18 of the 22 members who signed up came for this great day of productivity and visiting.  As usual there were great snacks to munch on and tons of Halloween candy, good planning to have the sew day right after Halloween. We could dig into the candy variety; it was just like being a kid again after trick or treat night. All varieties of sewing projects were undertaken: needle book/cases, We Care quilts, raffle quilt blocks, Christmas gift projects, personal projects and Carla's project.  We watched Carla use a template to cut a huge circle and wondered what she was making; behold not long after was a cover for her lacemaking form. Not everyone stayed the whole day, some drifted off home as they completed projects or had sewn long enough.  It was interesting to watch Ursula expand her sewing space form one table to two (after Regina left) to complete a massive sorting of colour for her project.  Around lunch we all noticed Norma had disappeared, after making inquires we learned that she had ducked out for lunch and a purchasing trip at Hamels. Speaking of Norma many of us admired her wonderful custom made surround constructed by her husband for her featherweight. Hopefuly you will want to join in next time, the more the merrier.

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