Above - Fat Quarter draw winners!

             Diane H, Barbara V, Doris F




Left - Door Prize draw winners!

         Jane E, Sandy L, Alida dB, Wendy L, Karlie M,

         Sharon L, Sandra L, Grace M, Barbara V,

         Joanne B, Jean B, Diane H, Terri F

Show & Tell - November 2016



With the big surge in new members to our guild this fall we thought it would be perfect to spend some fun time getting to know each other. We had such a blast doing this last year we were excited to do another round of SPEED DATING! 

SPECIAL SHOW & TELL: the Mystery Quilts and Challenge Quilts on display at the Show were a huge hit! We wanted  love to hear and see more about these incredible creations so asked our talented quilters to please bring their Mystery and Challenge quilts to the meeting for a special segment of Show & Tell. (There was a regular Show & Tell too!) 

Gift Certificate Winners

Hamels - Joanne B

Country Folk - Beatrice R

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