Show & Tell - January 2019

Winners of the Fat Quarters


Wendy L, Wanda L, Debra P

Winners of the Door Prizes


Merrilee Mairs, Micheline G, Ineke VG, Kate D, Jean P, Grace M, Sylvia D, Dianne S



SewLympics - Teams were formed and individulas were prepared for this fun race against

the clock to complete the kits or hand sewing.  There was plenty of time for visiting, learning

and laughing by all in attendance.  Enjoy the photos below of this fun event.

Quilt Top Winners were:

1. Sharon E, Susan S, Sonja C, Dorinda G

2. Connie D, Debra P, Wendy L, Eileen M

3. Grace M, Ida M, Kim M, Darlene C

Hand Work Winners were:

1. Ursual Y     2. Evelyn R      3. Gerry DW


Gift Certicifate Winners

Hamels - Janet S

Country Folk - Joan G




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