Show & Tell - February 2020

Winners of the Fat Quarters


Ursula Y, Maureen W

Winners of the Door Prizes

Barbara P, Ida M, Susan S, Wendy L, Joanne B, Catherine P



Cherri Mathieson, an historian spoke about the Underground Railroad (1810-1850) which is how many American slaves escaped from the US to come to Canada. It was the use of quilts and the hidden messages embedded in them that played a pivotal role in guiding the slaves safely out of the American south. The courage of people such as Harriet Tubman and others who risked their own lives to assist approximately 100,000.00 slaves out of the south underscores the truly unique history/herstory and contribution of quilt makers to the early beginnings of emancipation for African American slaves.


Gift Certicifate Winners

Hamels - Jean P

Country Folk - Wendy L




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