Winners of the Fat Quarters


Darlene B, Rachel B, Hannah B, Ida M

Winners of the Door Prizes


Doris F, Beatrice R, Gerry DW, Joan G, Lisa VB, Theresa S, Evelyn D, Merrilee M, Janet K, Sharon L, Regina E, Cathy VL, Dianne S, Naida F, Cathy C, Karlie M, Ida M, Lyn R, Ginger C, Hannah B, Joanne B, Cindy W, Cherri M



Donated Door Prizes - the members really got into the spirit of gift giving, 23 in all!

PIn Cushion Swap was held tonight, look at all those surprise bags to be chosen!



Christmas Block Lotto - A huge participant produced in all these blocks for the lottery.  There were enough to divide them into four piles resulting in four winners.  Rachel B, Karlie M, Theresa S, Darlene T




Show & Tell - December 2018



Pot Luck Dinner - An amazing assortment of delicious dishes both sweet and savory

were brought to enjoy during our annual pot luck dinner.


Gift Certicifate Winners

Hamels - Wendy L

Country Folk - Lyn R




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