It is difficult to believe these projects were made from the same clues.

Janet S. - Small wall hanging                                         Wanda L. - Large wall quilt                                                 Ginger C. - Six placemats

Mystery Challenge

September Meeting

Time to show us what you made from all those clues.  Please bring along your finished or flimsy project to share.

June Meeting

At the start I told you to make this object square or rectangular and that still holds. But for this month I am asking you to add something that extends over the edge. It can be 3D or it can be just a blip in the shape. You decide, I know you can do it. And that’s it for clues.

May Meeting

Add dots, at least 12.  Put them anywhere and make them small or large. 

April Meeting

Please make two or more interlocking objects, any size or shape.  That's not so hard is it?  Oh by the way, you can stretch interlocking as far a you want to.

March Meeting

Hope you are havig fun with your design challenge.  This month add a lopsided or curvy triangle.  Please bring your work to share at the next guild meeting.

Feburary Meeting

Sticking with your art movement style, the second clue includes four curves and a circle.  Feel free to start bringing your finished sections to a guild meeting to share your progress.

January Meeting

This year it will be a shorter mystery but we will have fun, regardless!

First a few guidelines, the finished product will be rectangular or square please no cirles or irregular top edge (you may have an irregular shaped bottom or sides but the top must be straight to attach a hanging sleeve).  We are hoping to display the finished projects in the 2018 quilt show.

You may include as many colours or fabric as you wish. There is a theme but “surprise” you will pick that theme out. Go to your computer and select an art style; for example: art deco, abstract, realism, art nouveau, pointillism (good luck with that) cubism or any other art style you wish. There a a quick link on our Facebook page to help you out.

Now using that art style you can do whatever you decide for layout. Will it be one piece, or maybe you will divide it into blocks, perhaps curves, it’s up to you.

For your first component you will add a tree, plant or some other type of foliage. 

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