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2021 December Take, 2022 March Make!


We switched it up this month, instead of a Make and Take, it is a Take away and Make, also known as Snip and Rip.  We had loads of fun snipping our fat quarters into smaller and smaller pieces and passing them along. Each of us ended up with 5 sections.  The goal now is to use all the pieces in a project of your choice to bring for show and tell.

April 2022 Make, May 2022 Take!


The challenge for May is to make a quilted postcard.

The postcards measured approximatley 4” by 6”,  using any method: piecing, appliqué, felting, free motion quilting. 

So much fun looking at all the terrific ideas, some even left messages on the back like a real postcard.

This is the last small project until Sept.

October 2019 Make, November Take . . . Needle case/book


23 members participated this month in a fun and fantastic swap of needle cases/books.  Someone is on an owl theme making one last month and this month, will there be an owl for the Christmas decoration also.  And look at that adorable little doll all wrapped in a blanket, so cute. Some were filled with goodies others were not but all were appreciated as someone handmade the item.




September 2019  Make, October Take . . . Mug Rug


Well wasn't that fun. Mystery brown bags they all looked the same, which one to choose. The anticipation was thrilling, and then that first glimpse of your new mug rug. 26 members participated, I would call that a success for this new addition to our program.  There was such a wonderful variety of ideas for this mini project.




January 2020 Make, February Take . . . Pin Cushion


This month we traded an assortment of pin cushions. There were 16 participants in all.  Once again the variety of ideas was considerable. Just look at all those cute birds. If you have not joined in the fun yet, jump on in for next month, you won't be disappointed. 




November 2019 Make, December Take . . . Christmas Ornament


We will all be added a new little bit of bling to our Christmas tree this year.  23 members participated in swapping a handmade ornament. Most were in traditional red, green and white but a few braved non-traditional colours for their work.  Some even had little lights added that made them sparkle.




February 2020 March April May Make, June Take . . . Mini Pouch


After our meeting shut down we were given extra months to make our mini pouches and oat the June parking lot meeting we finally compleed our swap. Such a large variety of projects were created. So many wonderful pouches to store our favoutite things in.




2021 September Make, October Take . . . Ugly Fabric Swap


Several members participated in the Ugly Fabric Swap.  Each brought a fat quater of their ugly fabric in a concealed bag and left it to be taken home by another member.  During the month the ugly fabric was sewn into something new and returned to the owner at the October meeting.  Here are some of the items made.

2021 October Make, November Take . . . Bookmark Swap


After Google searches for bookmarks the members got busy designing something special to trade with another member.  There were so many techniques shown: hand stitched, machine embroidery, pieced, machine appliqued, origami folded, paper laminated, couched wool and even a bark one.

Make One - Take One

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