History of PieceMakers Quilting Guild

The PieceMakers Quilting Guild was started in September 1997 by three ladies in various stages of quilting; one experienced, one somewhat experienced and one rank beginner. The chosen name PieceMakers reflected that we were Chilliwack’s evening guild (the P.M. group) as well as being quilters, (piece-makers).


The first meeting was an information night held in the meeting room of the Chilliwack Public Library and it was felt that if 15 to 20 interested persons turned up we would be fortunate. It was hoped that a final membership for the year of 25 would be good. Well … that first night saw 54 ladies swarming into the room and after the introduction, 43 ladies rushed over to the registration table to sign up! At the next meeting another 22 ladies signed up and we knew that PieceMakers was a “go”.


Over the years our evening program has been varied, changing with our members interests and ideas, different guest speakers have been invited for instruction and inspiration. Our three constants are Show and Tell, the library and our We Care program.


Once the Guild felt established we tried our hands at a Quilt Show!!! The first two were “Show and Tell” events, which eventually expanded into a hung show whereupon we decided to acquire our own frames. We now hold a hung show every second year to showcase our extremely talented members.



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