Thanks to Diane, Maureen and Laura who did a ton of planning and preparation to make the new table topper a huge success.  Thanks to all the sewing volunteers who made this project a success.  It will be on display at our coming Quilt Show in October.

Have your finished project showcased here for all to see.

Anniversary Challenge

September Meeting

What a night of celebration, 20 years of friendship and quilting.  We all enjoyed a delicious piece of cake and listened to the reminiscing of founding members Elizabeth G. and Maureen G.  Each member received a swatch of our anniversary fabric.  These swatches can be used in any project of your choice with the intention of using many of them in a display at our 2018 quilt show.

Project ideas:

          - cut up or use the swatch whole

          - paint, colour or dye the fabric

          - add other fabrics to the project / any colour

          - make it into a mug rug, bag, pouch, small quilt, table runner, etc.





















 These ladies attended the very first meeting and celebrated 20 years of membership in our guild.


June Meeting

Karri and Diane want to send out a huge thank you to all those who submitted designs - 10 in all to choose from.  The winning design was made by Diane H.  












These two ladies will be busy this summer getting the design onto fabric so that each member can receive a piece to participate in a project this coming fall.


May Meeting

Two more designs were handed in during this meeting. Voting will take place at the June meeting.


April Meeting

Revised - All designs are due at the May meeting, please pass them along to Diane or Karri.  During the June meeting the membership will be voting on the chosen one to be printed on fabric.


March Meeting

Please participate in this fun design opportunity, the more entries the more choice will will have to vote on. 


February Meeting

Reminder to bring in your designs either digital on a memory stick, or paper copy to the March meeting. We are hoing for a great selection to vote from.  Please pass your info along to Karri or Diane.


January Meeting

Our guild will be celebrating 20 years Young in September! (2017- 2018)

We would like to invite you to participate in a fabric design challenge!


Somewhere in your design you must include '20' (twenty) . . . whether it is numerial or letters, subtle or prominent, it is up to you!

Design size no bigger than an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper (standard paper size) . . . design can be digital, hand drawn/painted or a fabric block . . . ANYTHING GOES!

Submit your design idea no later than the April Meeting (can be emailed before the meeting or brought to the meeting).

A note about copyright . . . these must be original designs from your creative brains, we cannot print fabric using other people's art.

Bounce your ideas off other guild members . . . we have sooooo much talent in our guild.

Feel free to work alone or in a group to create a design together.

Remember it is meant to be FUN, so start with an idea and run with it.  Maybe borrow a book from our library to give you some starting ideas.

Once the selection has been made in April, the design will be printed onto the fabric. Don't worry if your design is selected and it is not in digital form we will do all the preparation for fabric printing.  

At a later date members will receive a piece to use in a quilt project.











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