Sew-Lympics Event


Show & Tell


Show & Tell - November 2021

Fat Quater Winners


Connie D & Ursula Y

Door Prize Winners


Elizabeth G, Debra P, Barb P, Dorinda G, Diane H, Evelyn R, Phyllis H



Three teams of ladies had a blast in the Sew-Lympics race to complete a We Care Kit.  

The Youth Bags were also filled during the meeting by ladies who were not participating in the Sew-Lympics.


Gift Certificate Winners


Graceland Quilts - Nancy R

Carola's Quilt Shop - Kate D

Halloween Lotto Blocks


Karlie M won the lottlo block draw. There were 29 in all. She said, "Not being a terribly lucky person, I did not expect to win but I did. I must say I really enjoyed the closer look at them when I got them home. Some had little beads sewn on, some were paper-pieced, some were hand stitched, so much variety. Thank you all for the talent and time put into these." She turned those blocks into two table runners for her daughter who is in love with anything Halloween. 

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